7 curiosities about Brazil that you must know!

7 curiosities about Brazil that you must know!

Sambboho is a Brazilian brand that embodies the essence of a rich country, not only in nature but also in its cultural aesthetic. All our products are handcrafted by women artisans in a small town in Brazil called Araxá, telling their stories through ancient techniques mixed with modern fashion trends. Keep reading to discover more! 

Our mission is to spread all the beauties of this country worldwide, to make the people recognize its value beyond what they see on the surface. After all, Brazil is much more than samba and carnival. It's a very diverse country with the most warmhearted people. Would you like to learn more about its customs? 

By reading this article, you will discover 7 curiosities that you should know about Brazil to be closer to its culture. We guarantee that after this, you will fall in love with this country and realize that there are a lot of unknown treasures which need to be recognized. Check it out:

  • The word "Brazil" is derived directly from the reddish tree Pau Brasil. Therefore, the word itself means "red as coal". Also, 100 years ago, the country was called the United States of Brazil. 

  • Brazil is currently home to 212.6 million people, a mixture of Indigenous, European, and black African people, as well as the largest Japanese community outside Japan. It is like many countries within one!

  • In several studies, Brazil is identified as the country with the greatest biodiversity, with more than 116.000 species of animals and plants on its territory, such as in the Amazon, which represents 9% of the world's fauna. 

  • It's no secret that much of the world's coffee is produced in Brazil. In this way, different countries appreciate our coffee. 

  • The most famous food in Brazil is called feijoada, traditionally eaten on Sundays with the family. This recipe comes from the “escravos” meaning it has its roots in the former slave population originating from Africa during the triangular trade era. Despite its tough and sad origin, it’s a delicious food that combines different types of meat and black beans. 

  • Brazil's tropical climate is characterized by long periods of heat and plenty of sunshine, making Brazilian beaches famous for their beauty and charm. Granted, the tropical climate in Rio or Sao Paulo also means a good amount of (warm) rain. However, the weather doesn’t feel heavy or as moist as some other tropical climates like Florida in the summer. Picture it as Florida in fall or spring. It’s because these cities are very south of the equator which means they receive less energy from the sun, hence the milder climate. 

  • The song "Garota de Ipanema'', by Vinicius de Moraes, is the most played song in history and the second one in the world, behind only "Yesterday", by the Beatles. 

    Due to these and many other reasons, Brazil is a unique country whose identity is filled with joy, a free and light way of living, and a striking personality expressed in bold colors. All this can be found in the Sambboho products. 

    Get dressed with a piece of Brazilian history with Sambboho!