Sizing Guide

The information provided on this page is designed to answer general sizing questions you may have about our products. We understand that ordering garment online can be tricky, so we always offer free returns on all of our items! We also encourage you to contact us if you are still hesitant about sizing.

Dog Collars

Please measure your dog’s neck with a measure tape.

Each dog collar comes with 3 holes which means it can be adjusted. A collar listed as 14-16” will fit a 14”, 15” or 16” dogs’ neck. We usually recommend sizing up when your dog’s neck doesn’t fall in the middle of the range. Let’s say your dog’s neck is 15”, the obvious choice in this case would be to select a 14-16” collar. Now in the case where your dog’s neck was to measure at 16”, we would recommend sizing up to be safe, meaning choosing the 16-18” instead of a 14-16”. Every dog is different, some dogs require a tight fit while others require a loose fit. In both cases you can still exchange the collar if the size is not quite right, even if you had measured your dog’s neck properly, you might still need to exchange the collar and that’s fine with us.

Important notice!

The width of the collar changes at the 14” mark! The width is 1.5” for collars 14” and above and ¾ of an inch for collars under 14”. Therefore, a 12-14” collar will be much thinner than a 14-16” collar. There is no difference in width between a 14-16” collar and a 18-20” collar. In a similar fashion, there won’t be a difference of width between a 10-12” collar and an 8-10” collar but there will be a difference between a 10-12" and a 14-16” (remember, the width difference occurs at the 14” mark). If you wish a thicker design for a 12-14” or if you wish a thinner design for a 14-16”, please contact customer service for a custom order at no extra cost.


One size fit all

Length 27 1/5”

Thickness ½"

The big Aztec hatband is 1” thick


Apple watch bands

One size fit all

Please choose the right size when ordering the apple watch band to match with your apple watch case (38/40mm or 42/44mm). Your apple watch case size is indicated on the back of your apple watch case.

Women's Belts



Men's Belts



5 holes adjustable for girth (waist) from 17” to 20”

Ex: Maltese, Pomeranian, Poodle, Bichon Frise, Cavalier King Charles, Dachshund

Weight: 13 pounds to 25 pounds

Width of the harness's straps: 3/4"


5 holes adjustable for girth (waist) from 21” to 25”

Ex: Beagle, Corgi, Cocker Spaniel, French Bulldog

Weight: 26 pounds to 38 pounds

Width of the harness's straps: 1 inch 1/4


5 holes adjustable for girth (waist) from 25” to 29”

Ex: Pitbull, Bulldog, Boxer, Labrador, Australian Shepherd, Dalmatian, Basset Hound, Border Collie

Weight: 39 pounds to 60 pounds

Width of the harness's straps: 1 inch 3/8


5 holes adjustable for girth (waist) from 29” to 33”

Ex: Rottweiler, Golden Retriever, Bernese, Chow Chow, German Shepherd

Weight: 60 to 100 pounds

Width of the harness's straps: 1 inch 1/2 or 1.5"