Sambboho's Missions!

Sambboho's Missions!

  Hey! If you are reading this article, it's because you are part of our history!  Sambboho is much more than a brand. We are the result of hearts that beat for the same purpose: making fashion sustainable. Discover more about our mission and how your purchases have been transforming lives!

 The passion for fashion and pets is in our DNA. Sambboho exists to share these feelings genuinely with values.

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 Unlike the fast fashion industry, we seek to encourage people to be more aware of the origin of the products they use and how this impacts each party involved. 

 We are proud to say that our production is 100% handmade by talented Brazilian women who perpetuate their essences and stories in each of our pieces.

 Using techniques and knowledge inherited from mothers, grandparents, and artisan masters from their communities, they create pieces with natural raw materials, usually typical of the region. 

 We've identified this manufacturing process as the most appropriate for our business, linked to the mission of empowering these artisans who live in a small town called Araxá, providing them the opportunity to show their art to the world and get the recognition they deserve. Keep reading to understand the dimension of this work!

 Granted, it is a more expensive and time-consuming process, but the result of our handmade products and the quality of life we provide to our employees reveal the excellence of this model. By hiring local employees and purchasing hundreds of bead works from our artisan ladies, our business has helped low-income women to become financially comfortable. 

 Many of these women have been with us since the beginning. Without them, none of our conquests would be possible! They didn't have job opportunities due to health problems, age, or gender bias and were in vulnerable situations. We decided to give them a voice, providing all the necessary resources to have the autonomy and quality of life they deserve. 

 All of that couldn't be possible without your support! As a result, 57* (in 2022) artisan women benefit from your trust, gaining recognition, self-esteem, and financial independence. Check out the video below and get inspired by Elizabeth's history, a wonderful person who changed her life after working with Sambboho!

 Every piece of Sambboho has fingerprints that carry a story that needs to be honored. Therefore, when you buy from us, you will get more than a durable and exclusive product. You will be contributing to an entire system of empowerment that transforms lives! But it doesn't end there since our mission goes beyond just improving human rights. 

 Did you know that Sambboho also contributes to the animal cause? Since the beginning, we have fought to raise awareness about it and to encourage responsible adoption. For this reason, we decided to partner with shelters such as the Love Leo Rescue. We also donate many collars yearly for various fundraising auctions.

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 This year, our company also adopted three vulnerable stray street dogs, giving them all the love and care they deserve! Meet our 4-legged collaborators: Marina, Maisa, and Pluto! 

   If you are an ethical and conscious person who values a greater purpose with your purchases, this is your place! Let's use fashion to make the world a better place.

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