Our mission

Luxury handmade fashion from Brazil. A socially responsible brand to empower women.

We started our store to empower artisan women of our little hometown in Brazil. Thanks to your purchase, you allow them to safely work from home so they can take care of the household and be independent financially. We collect the products and ship them to the US where Caroline and myself now live. We are the ones managing the store and sending your order from San Diego to your home. Our products are all handmade and unique. Our core value is to only make the highest quality products you can find. This is achieved by sourcing best in class fabrics and working with the most experienced artisans. All our pieces use full grain leather which is the highest rating for leather quality. Simply put, full grain leather is the real deal and is the best you can get. It is the piece of leather that has the full, complete grain of the hide. It is the most durable and resistant to wear and is used by luxury brands only. Products made of full grain leather are expected to last a very long time, giving you the best value for your bucks. Remember that leather products are not all made equal! The beads we use are made of unbreakable sun reflecting glass from Slovakia. They are hand-stitched one by one following the ancient Brazilian tradition of “tear beading” to make the stitching scratch resistant. This association of high-end materials combined with artisanal expertise in the manufacturing process makes our pieces very long lasting and unique. 

Our mission doesn't stop here! We also help save dog lives. We are dog lovers ourselves so we decided to extend our mission and give 10% of the profits to a no-kill shelter in San Diego County* (*paid in one lump sum once a year).