All you need to know about choosing the right horse browband!

All you need to know about choosing the right horse browband!

Horses hold cultural and historical significance for societies worldwide in many aspects. Their ongoing relationship with humanity showcased countless benefits and contributions for centuries, from practical activities to emotional connections. After so long, they continue to have a meaningful place in our lives as companions and sources of inspiration. 

The bond between humans and horses can be powerful and mutually rewarding. Horses can be wonderful companions for their caretakers, offering solace and peace when interacting with them. That's why it is common for people to have an equine as a pet or sports partner, looking for enjoyment, skill development, and fulfillment. Are you one of them?

However, having a horse requires a lot of dedication and love. Like the dogs – considered man's best friend, horses possess great sensitivity and harmony with humans through their beauty and charisma, providing a sensation of freedom and power at the same time. Therefore, they need special care from people who understand the subject. 

There are many indispensable accessories to facilitate the interaction between horses and humans, and of course, it's possible to combine functionality with fashion, as we usually do at Sambboho. Horses are beautiful by nature, but it's common to use decorative elements to add a touch of glamor and individuality to their appearance, such as bling.


In the equestrian world, bling refers to adding shiny materials like beads and accessories to improve the horse's personalization and aesthetic appeal by riders who want to make a fashion statement. It's often seen in competitive events, making the horse stand out and catch the attention of spectators or judges with a professional image.

The browbands are an example of bling, designed as an eye-catching element of essential equipment, such as the horse's bridle. As Sambboho has just launched a new collection of horse browbands, we are ready to teach you the top 5 secrets about this accessory that will make you and your horse shine. Let's start!


The browband is part of a horse's bridle that controls and directs the horse while riding. It's an ornamental strap worn across the horse's forehead above the eyes. It's typically made of leather – the most durable and comfortable material, often decorated with various designs, such as glass beads. All of that can be found in the Sambboho's horse browband collection!


While the primary function of browbands is to secure the horse's bridle and enhance the animal's appearance, they also contribute to the overall comfort, safety, and individuality between the horse and rider. Here are the main functions and benefits of browbands:

  • Comfort and safety: Properly fitting browbands prevent the horse's bridle from slipping down onto its eyes and interfering with its vision. As a result, the horse can see clearly and comfortably, minimizing discomfort or safety hazards.
  • Personalization and style: Browbands also serve as decorative accessories for bridles. They allow riders to personalize their horse's appearance and showcase their styles or preferences. Browbands come in many designs, colors, and materials, making it possible to create a unique and visually appealing look.
  • Competitive events: In competitive equestrian disciplines, such as dressage, show jumping, or eventing, browbands are often an opportunity for riders to make a fashion statement. Horse browbands can enhance the overall presentation and style of the horse, adding an extra touch of elegance or glamor during performances.
  • Identification: When there are a lot of horses in a stable or at an equestrian event, a horse browband can serve as an essential tool, facilitating their identification.


You can find different types of horse browbands for sale, each with its style and purpose. They can vary in width, color, material, and degree of decoration, allowing riders to select the model that suits their preferences and occasions to complement their horses' appearance. An example is the bling browbands and raised browbands.

Bling browbands for horses come with various types of gemstones, beads, or other decorative elements, often used for special occasions or in competitive disciplines where a more glamorous appearance is desired. The raised browbands feature embossed leather designs, adding an elegant and refined look to the horse's bridle. 

You can find exclusive designs that feature characteristics of both types at Sambboho. We make our horse browbands out of full-grain leather with durable imported glass beads that won't fade or break. Whether used for special events or daily occasions, they can add this fancy touch that you and your horse deserve.

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The primary focus should always be ensuring the animal's well-being to avoid annoyance or skin irritation. Browbands come in various sizes and styles to accommodate different head shapes of horses, so as well as choosing an attractive piece, you should also consider comfort and resistance. For this reason, it's essential to pay attention to the type of material.

Sambboho's horse browbands are treated with organic beeswax, making the leather softer and hydrated to ensure that friction will not cause any harm to your animal and prevent water damage. They are also triply hand-stitched for the highest durability, besides having an exclusive snap system, which allows you to change the browband quickly without any effort. 


When purchasing a new browband for your horse, you must choose the appropriate size based on its measurement. Browbands are typically measured by length since they must fit comfortably across the horse's forehead. The measure is usually taken from end to end along the inside of the horse's browband. Here's a general guideline on how to do that: 

  • Remove any existing browband from the horse's bridle;
  • Place one end of a flexible measuring tape or a piece of string on the inside of one loop of the attachment point of the browband;
  • Extend the tape or string across the center of the browband, following the curve along the inside of the band;
  • Continue measuring until you reach the inside of the opposite loop or attachment point;
  • To simulate how the browband will fit on the horse's forehead, use a measuring tape or string that is snug but not too tight. 

If you are unsure about the correct browband size for your horse, no need to worry. Sambboho's horse browbands are one size fits all, following standard measurements. Please, get in touch if you have any questions. Our team will be at your disposal to help you (reply in less than 1 hour during business hours at

Due to its secure attachment, this accessory is suitable for use in any equestrian sport. Whether you are a dressage rider, show jumper, driver, or recreational rider, a beaded browband will be perfect for your overall appearance. With our browbands, you will not only have everyone staring at your horse, but you will also shine!

Sambboho's fancy horse browbands come in various designs to meet different styles, all with the same purpose: to make you and your horse stand out. 

You can also match the browband with the same belt and hatband design. We love matching bundles at Sambboho!

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