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Empowerment and the importance of women in handicraft

Sambboho artisan women

Women have always contributed intellectually to the world as a whole to make it a better place. Talent and willpower are part of their nature, being transmitted in everything they do.

There are many areas that they dominate but in handicrafts, without a doubt, women have a strong and special presence. That's what we are going to talk about in this post so stay here with us to know more!

 In Brazil, the country that produces all Sambboho products, 90% of the artisanal work is done by women from different regions of the country, but mainly from rural and indigenous communities where job opportunities are less available.

 So artisans work in the creative economy to overcome not only gender bias but also low education and lack of resources. With handicrafts, they improve self-confidence and autonomy to seek better living conditions.

 Using techniques and knowledge inherited from mothers, grandparents, and artisan masters from their communities, they create fashion, decoration, and folk art products made with natural raw materials, usually typical of their region.

 Artisanal works are being increasingly valued and are attracting intellectual designers from all over the world, mixing ancient traditions with fashion languages. We are talking about unique products that carry fingerprints and stories!

 The strengthening of the work of women artisans grows thanks to the encouragement of support institutions, but also of conscious brands who value their work and bring visibility, encouraging consumers to do the same.

 We are proud to say that Sambboho’s production is 100% handmade, made by the hands of talented Brazilian women who perpetuate their essences and stories in each of our pieces.

 Therefore, by purchasing our products you will be contributing to this system of female empowerment and transforming lives, in addition to acquiring something extremely exclusive with lifelong durability and great cultural value!

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