Gabriel Feitosa Announces New Partnership With Sambboho

Gabriel Feitosa Announces New Partnership With Sambboho

Introducing a new "animal print" dog collar collection designed by Gabriel Feitosa groomer and made by Sambboho!

We are so happy to announce the collaboration between Sambboho and celebrity dog groomer Gabriel Feitosa. Gabriel is currently the most sought-after groomer in the world, pioneer of the creative art grooming trend. Creative art grooming consists of "turning your pooch into living art, like your favorite cartoon character or animal".

Feitosa has amassed millions of followers on social media, won multiple awards and TV shows and is considered the most influential groomer in the industry.  He regularly flies across the globe to groom dog royalties and internationally renowned competitive dogs.

Like Sambboho, Gabriel is from Brazil. The pop art groomer only uses Sambboho dog collars to complete his dog’s transformation looks, a true testament to our brand’s commitment for quality and excellence.  After many years of only using Sambboho, free reigns were given to Gabriel to design his own collection under our label. We couldn’t be happier with the results!

Feistosa’s animal print dog collars are absolute gorgeous art pieces and they can’t be found anywhere else. Their originality and luxury feel will elevate your dog’s style like you can’t imagine. This collab fuses Sambboho’s ancestral beading quality with Gabriel’s pioneer art vision. Get ready for thousands of compliments on your daily walks!

Check out the full collection by clicking this link HERE.