How can martingale collars help train your dog?

How can martingale collars help train your dog?

It's been a while since dogs proved to us that they are our best friends and most reliable partners. However, this is not only an affection issue but also a biological one. Studies prove that dogs need a leader to guide them, and this responsibility is transferred to their owners when they leave their peers.

We know that training your dog can be a big challenge, requiring a lot of attention, devotion, love, patience, and technique. However, some accessories can facilitate the process and this is what we will discuss in this article. Keep reading to know more!

Many professionals are specializing in dog training. However, even if you choose to hire one, you still need to know how to handle your dog. Among the instruments that can facilitate this process is the martingale collar, which helps you control your dog while walking. 

Young dogs learning proper manners are more likely to pull when they see other dogs on the street or when they are excited. A martingale can help a dog remain focused while walking by redirecting its attention. It is a type of collar that prevents escapes and provides better control without choking your dog. Here is some important information about this model.

  • When should you wear a martingale collar:

  • They are excellent collars for increasing control and keeping your dog safe. You can use them on any dogs, but they are especially useful when you have a dog that tries to escape frequently or pulls at you. As long as they are used correctly, they are ideal for training and beginning owners. 

  • They are different from choke collars: 

  • At first glance, the martingale may look like a choker collar. However, when properly adjusted, they do not suffocate your dog or compromise its integrity, considered a safe alternative if you need to keep your dog under control, but without jeopardizing his well being. To fulfill its function it needs to be well sized and correctly placed on the dog's neck. This will make it difficult for your dog to escape, contrary to what usually happens with common collars. 

  • Which model should you use on your dog: 

    Look for a model soft enough to accommodate your dog, with materials that do not cause allergic irritations and are impacts resistant. This is exactly what you will find here at Sambboho! We have martingale collars in many gorgeous designs, handcrafted with natural and ultra-resistant materials, treated with organic beeswax to provide all the comfort your dog deserves. It is a product made to last a lifetime and withstand all adventures with your furry friend!

    Are you thinking of purchasing a martingale collar for your dog? See our available models, without forgetting to correctly measure your dog’s neck, an essential step to ensure your dog's safety and comfort. But do not worry! You will find all the necessary instructions in the product description, or you can contact us via email or live chat!

    We hope we have helped you with this subject! Keep checking back our blog for more useful tips.