How can pets affect your health positively?

How can pets affect your health positively?
5 benefits pets can bring to your life

For at least 10,000 years, pets have been a source of learning for us. As good companions, they can bring new dynamics into our life and make it better by providing a lot of happiness, loyalty, and affection.

This relationship has evolved and today, researchers around the world show us that living with pets could bring incredible benefits to our health such as tranquility, well-being, and will to live. But wasn't it already expected?

It’s because pets carry with them a purity that is hard to find in humans. They are affectionate and take care of the people around them sincerely. Our brain can recognize these gestures and elects pets as our most loyal friends.

 It's of course an exchange of experiences that favors both sides but for humans, the effects are even more significant. It's been scientifically proven that pets can cause different reactions in our bodies that can positively affect health. 

If you still have doubts, check out 5 of the many benefits that pets can bring to our lives:


Pets stimulate the production of the hormone (oxytocin) that causes us a feeling of well-being, in addition to all the unconditional love, happiness, and affection that we already know. That is why they are being used even in psychiatric treatments.


Living with pets provides peaceful moments and this helps to reduce the production of the stress hormone (cortisol). It’s because when with them, we are more relaxed and disconnect from our problems.


The companionship of pets helps to calm symptoms of anxiety, which helps to improve blood pressure and cholesterol levels, decreasing the risks of cardiovascular problems and increasing our life expectancy.


Having a pet is an incentive to move because he needs to walk and practice outdoor activities. To fulfill the responsibilities of having a pet you need to be active, which is associated with a healthier lifestyle.


Pets encourage dialogue and interaction between people, helping them to further develop their social skills. In a household, sharing pet care activities is proven to strengthen relationships between family members.

Whether it's taking your pet for a walk or simply enjoying its company, these activities are healthy ways to keep your mind occupied and are all proven to contribute to a better life quality.

Find a great friend to give you company, but don't forget that he also has needs and feelings. Before having a pet, carefully analyze if you will have enough time to provide the attention and time he or she deserves!