How do dogs see the humans around them?

How do dogs see the humans around them?

Dogs are part of most homes and they are even called children. Their fun and playful ways are contagious! Between their tail wags and requests for food, they have a lot of love to give. But how do they see us? Do they feel the same as we do?

These are very common questions among everyone who lives with these furry friends daily. To answer them, we created this article to make you better understand how dogs see us and the world around them. Keep reading!

Some people believe that dogs only feel affection for their protectors when they receive rewards, but it doesn't work like that. They are happy with the simple human presence, meaning the more time you spend with your dog, the more affinity he will have for you. 

Their relationship is in this sense driven by reciprocity. Studies have already shown that a dog's social intelligence is greater than we imagine, and this has evolved through its closer contact with humans. This strong bond of friendship and feelings suggests that our brains have similar mechanisms for processing emotional information.

Dogs need a dominant presence by nature, so they see us as their leaders, as we provide the security, guidance, and resources for their survival. They understand that we are not of the same species, but they analyze the group they belong to and test to see where they fit.

Unlike us, who live in different times and spaces, dividing our attention into various areas of life, dogs only live in the present. Therefore, they are always absorbing the environment in which they are inserted and the movements that occur around them, which largely comes down to their homes and human families. In this way, dogs become much more agile, sensitive, and intense than us in everyday situations. They know how to differentiate expressions and easily absorb human emotions, which can change their behavior, also influenced by smell, tone of voice, and physical characteristics.

Dogs are also always attentive to their surroundings and will immediately notice when we are not paying attention, whether to protect us or to steal that snack we left on the table for a second. 

In addition, they can identify when they are being treated differently than another dog or pet. When this situation becomes frequent, they feel inferior and may end up not respecting your commands anymore. Does this feeling sound familiar to you?

Given all these facts, it is possible to conclude that dogs are much more intelligent and sensitive than we imagine, with an enormous capacity to capture everything that is happening around them, especially emotions, making them absorb all the good and bad things. Therefore, we must understand their dynamics of existence and provide a reciprocal relationship so that they can have a good quality of life and feel loved in the same way we feel since they are taken from their biological families to supply our emotional needs.

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