How to Become a Sambboho Retailer?

Sambboho Wholesale information

If you have a physical or virtual store, identify with the Sambboho concept, and wish to have our exclusive products in your catalog, we have great news: you can! This article will detail how you can easily purchase our products in bulk and get an amazing discount! Sambboho products are the perfect addition for store owners looking to add value to their business. 

1. Eligibility Criteria

 Our process is very easy and red tape free. We do not require you to show any proof of business ownership, reseller ID or anything. We only ask you to be an established business with a business's reputation that matches ours. We prefer to sell our merchandise to independently owned brick-and-mortar stores. If you only sell online, we will ask you to provide your website. We do not allow drop shipping. Although you can sell our products on your website, we do not allow Sambboho products to be listed on Etsy or Amazon. You may list our products on some other online marketplaces but it would require our prior approval. We also welcome itinerant or "events" sellers, you are welcome to sell our products at trade shows, fairs, farmer's market etc...  

2. Min Quantity

In order to qualify for our very interesting bulk pricing, we require 25 units per wholesale orders. This means that your wholesale order must have a minimum of 25 units. This number is cumulative, which means 2 hat bands and 2 belts will count as 4 towards the order minimum. 

3. I'm in! What's the process?

Send an email to with your store info. You will receive an excel order form. Once you have sent us back your order form, you will get an itemized paypal invoice. You can pay via credit card or paypal balance. Only half of the order amount is due the day you place your order. It takes about 20 business days from order date to receive your order. Remaining of the amount is due when your order is ready for shipment. 

4. I have received my products, what's next?

We keep in touch! We want to make sure you are successful at selling Sambboho products. We provide any marketing material you would need such as videos or images. We can also provide you with physical displays. We also promote you on our social media and send customers directly to your store if a customer in your area contacts us. Our products come with a 1 year warranty. Your customer can start a warranty repair or exchange directly with us, or through you only. We can provide you with a replacement product so you can give it to your customer yourself if you want to keep the customer experience within your store's walls. 

 Use our contact form or send an email to now. We are looking forward to hearing from you.