How to choose the perfect watch? Must read!

How to choose the perfect watch? Must read!

In addition to being a functional item in everyday life, a watch can also be a powerful accessory in a look composition. Depending on the choice, it can make your outfit even more stylish and elegant or make you a laughing stock.

Like any other accessory, the watch has some rules of use. Are you interested in learning more? Don't stop reading!

It may seem easy to choose a watch, but there are some details you need to consider. After all, we are talking about an accessory that has the power to either enhance or ruin your appearance. There are watches best suited for work, the gym, and cocktail parties, but we know it's not always possible to have one piece for each occasion.

What happens now? How do you decide which watch is best for you when you have many options available? We have prepared an article to assist you in this mission. As a result, you will avoid making mistakes when using this accessory in your outfit, giving it the importance it deserves. Take a look at some valuable tips now, and get ready to give people the time in style!

The best occasions and styles for their use

Watches combine functionality and style in one accessory. It is perfect for almost every occasion in your daily life! While some  people never take it off their wrists,  others don't see much need for it. But the fact is, when used correctly, it can highlight your outfit!

In the work environment, where a more formal visual is required, a classic model with a leather band is best and is the material we most use in our products because of its versatility and resistance! By the way, have you heard of Sambboho leather bands for Apple Watch? Take a look now by clicking here!

On more formal occasions, such as a wedding, it is ideal to choose a smaller watch made of refined materials – preferably matching the color of the outfit and other accessories. In the practice of sports, it is allowed to use more funky designs with different bracelets as in other informal occasions where casual looks are allowed.

Nowadays, we have more freedom to dress in the way that suits us best. Some bad combinations, however, stand out to the eye, and the improper use of the watch is one of them, like wearing a sports model with a formal attire. Know the occasions where this accessory is most required, let's take a closer look at some types of watch:


Even the most simple outfit looks sophisticated when paired with this type of watch. However, watch out for the size you choose as this watch style can attract quite a bit of attention. Therefore, you should avoid using this watch type in larger sizes when in a formal attire. 


This classic model is very versatile, fitting with many types of outfits! Although steel is a more robust material, it is ideal for composing everyday styles, adding a touch of elegance to different occasions. When combined with bracelets, it can enhance your visual!


It is a more discreet model, perfect for composing minimalist looks. It is the best option for people that seek sophistication without extravagance. They can be used on various occasions, giving a touch of delicacy and femininity, whether in more formal or casual looks.


This type of watch is perfect for those who like technology and productivity, as it works integrated with smartphones, providing several functions. For this reason, it is ideal for practicing sports and accepted in the most formal workplaces. You can find it in different models for the most basic and sophisticated tastes. One of the most desired is the Apple Watch, which has a modern design and interchangeable bands, increasing the possibilities of combination!

At Sambboho, you can find several band options for your Apple Watch, handmade in leather by women artisans. They are unique, exclusive, and versatile pieces, perfect to add style to different genres, outfits, and occasions! Check out all designs available:

PS: To choose the right size for your band, please make sure it matches the case size of your Apple Watch. Look at the back of your Apple watch band and check the number to pick the right compatible band. The number on the back will depend on your apple watch series, this can get confusing but there are only 2 types of Apple watch bands.

Category 1

Bands for 38mm, 40mm, and 41mm cases are all compatible with each other. This means a 40mm band will fit your 38mm or 41mm Apple watch case and vice versa. 

Category 2

Bands for 42mm, 44mm, and 45mm are all compatible with each other. This means a 42mm band will fit your 44mm or 45mm Apple watch case and vice versa. 42mm/44mm/45mm bands are also all compatible with the new 49mm Apple watch case. 49mm Apple watch bands can be used on 44mm and  45mm Apple watch cases but not on 42mm! Are you still here?

What to consider when choosing a watch?

After knowing the most appropriate occasions to use this accessory and what are the most suitable models for each style, let's take a look at some points to consider when choosing yours. Here's what you need to know:


This is an important point, since a lot of materials have toxic substances that can cause irritability when in direct prolonged contact with the skin. Preferably, you should choose natural materials – like the leather of Sambboho, which is treated with organic beeswax to provide more comfort and softness with no allergic reactions for all-day wear.


If you want to choose the perfect watch, you need to consider the diameter of the case, which should not cover your entire wrist. In addition, you should consider models with adjustable bands. For those who value comfort, the larger and heavier models aren't a good option. 


Watches come in a variety of styles and materials. However, the most important thing is to focus on what you enjoy for yourself, according to your style and routine. Design should please you in accordance with your preferences and the image you wish to convey. You must choose a watch that you will use in different situations in your everyday life! 

We know that having a different watch for each occasion is not a reality for everyone. That's why choosing versatile models like the Apple watch with interchangeable Sambboho watch bands, can be a good option for you to compose different outfits! Count on Sambboho to choose the best Apple watch band, we know fashion, we are designers by craft!