Natural vs. Lab Created Gemstones

Natural vs. Lab Created Gemstones

 Sambboho's new semi-jewelry collection has arrived, featuring delicate, timeless, and high-quality artisanal pieces made with lab-created Tourmaline gemstones from Paraíba (Brazil). It is the perfect option to add sparkles to your outfit ethically and affordably – and we can prove it! Keep reading this article to find out. 

 If you are looking for fine jewelry, you will notice two types of gemstones available: natural and lab-created. The only difference is the origin.  One is grown in Earth’s crust while the other one is grown in a lab. At the end, the final product is the same. 

 We have designed this collection to give you a new perspective on elegance in your everyday life! In this article, we will give you 3 good reasons to choose a piece made with a lab-created gemstone instead of a mined one. 

  •  Lab-grown gemstones have the same physical, optical and natural  properties as natural ones, which make them pure and nearly identical. They have a lower carbon footprint as they do not need the same resources and labor as mined gems. They sometimes even have better color saturation. In reality, their superior purity and perfection is what will reveal their lab origin to a jeweler examining them with precise instruments. The main noticeable difference being in the texture as natural stones have some irregularities that make them more rustic. 

  •  The environmental impacts caused by jewelry production is a topic of debate worldwide, as the extraction of gold and precious stones seriously damages the ecosystems. We are talking about fertile lands that have turned into toxic mines with heavy metals, causing illnesses, deforestation and the relocation of local populations. 

     However, thanks to technology, we now have lots of alternatives to consume consciously. The lab-creation process emerges as an answer to this problem, allowing you to have a beautiful and exclusive piece without costing the planet or your wallet, taking up far fewer natural resources, and keeping communities and ecosystems intact.

  •  As the lab-created gemstone making process includes fewer interventions to achieve the same result, the production is cheaper, making the end-product more financially accessible. The price difference between laboratory-grown and mined stones is significant.

     Lab-created gemstones are the perfect alternative to naturally mined stones since they are physically identical (if not superior) and available at a much lower price.

     Now that we have convinced you that mined gemstones are a waste of money,  you can go explore the  jewel collection with lab-created gemstones from Sambboho – the perfect combination of affordable pieces inspired by the beauty of the Brazilian summer, made to compose your look with sophistication on the most diverse occasions. All are lead-free, cadmium-free, nickel-free, and allergy-free, featuring exclusive designs that match each other and suit different styles, adding personality to your look. 

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