Quick Release dog collars, 3 benefits from choosing this collar type!

Quick Release dog collars, 3 benefits from choosing this collar type!

If you have a four-legged friend, you've probably felt lost when buying a dog collar for him. We understand! With so many options, it's hard to decide. The truth is that there is no right or wrong decision. The right collar is what better suits the characteristics of your pet. But don't worry! By reading this article, you will learn about how to make an informed decision.

The dog collar is one of the most important accessories, which requires attention when purchasing. That's because it can be harmful to your pet if it doesn't attend to their specific needs. A dog collar serves many purposes by allowing you to identify, train, protect, and beautify your pet. Therefore, it is not enough to choose a dog collar only by their design. It is necessary to evaluate its functionality. 

Each type of collar has its own purpose of use. At Sambboho, you can find the most popular ones by clicking here. Among the factors that differentiate them, we can mention the buckle type. You may ask yourselves the following questions. What are the different dog collar buckle types? Are regular buckle collars safe? Should you buy a quick release dog collar instead? 

But wait.. What’s a quick release dog collar? The name speaks for itself! It is a type of dog collar that has a side release buckle designed for easy handling. It is more modern than the traditional buckle type and can be a great ally, especially for those who have agitated dogs. Find below three benefits of having a quick release dog collar!


  • The purpose of a quick-release dog collar is to facilitate your daily life. This buckle takes one second to pop it open to make getting your dog ready for a walk easy, eliminating any difficulties that may exist in this process. If you are looking to have as little complications as possible in your routine, here is the perfect buckle for you! 


  • This collar is also designed with safety in mind, especially for clumsy dogs. Even indoors, your four-legged friend may get tangled up in the collar on furniture or something similar. When your pet's collar has a quick-release clasp, you can easily remove it in case of emergency and prevent the situation from getting worse.


  • Despite being simple, the quick-release collar is very modern. It doesn't have excess material, so it is more compact, discreet, and sleeker

    Now you understand why a quick-release collar can be a smart choice for your dog! However, keep in mind that different buckle types serve different needs. Although this article emphasizes the advantages of a quick release collar, it doesn’t mean traditional buckle collars don’t have their own benefits. At Sambboho, all collar types are equally efficient and safe. Different products serve different purposes, consider your pet's physical and behavioral characteristics and make your own choice!

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