Should cats wear collars?

Should cats wear collars?

Cats are personality-filled and mysterious animals by nature! Domesticated for over 5.000 years in China, cats were considered mystical creatures in the past and a link between the extrasensory and the human world. It's no wonder since cats can sense things that we cannot, such as air movements and atmospheric pressure.

 When compared to dogs, kittens have different behaviors. They are more reserved and independent since they do not have to follow a tutor. However, this does not mean they are not affectionate. On the contrary! They can be very attached to their owners. The fact is that people may not fully understand them, which may cause some obstacles. 

 These doubts are more common than you might think, so don't worry! To provide a good quality of life for your pet, you can educate yourself and count on accessories that make this process easier. In this case, collars and leashes can be great allies, which you can find at Sambboho with exclusive designs and unmatched quality. 

 The importance of these accessories for dog training is no longer news. But what about the cat collar? Is it also essential? Do cats need to wear this accessory 24h a day? What are the benefits? In this article, we will answer all these questions, like how to make a feline used to wear a cat collar and how to choose the ideal type for your pet. Let's get started!

 Is it bad for cats to wear a collar? 

 No it 's not! A cat collar plays a crucial role in the lives of felines because, in addition to helping with identification, it also ensures their safety. These are the most pertinent points regarding its use. After all, cats can escape and even get lost without proper care, so a collar with their information engraved on it is a good idea. Contrary to dogs, cats are rarely micro shipped. If they wander around and get hurt or lost, a good samaritan will be able to contact you quickly and if hurt, it will increase the chance of somebody bringing your cat to the vet. An unidentified cat will be considered stray and is unlikely to receive the same medical attention unfortunately. 

 Can you walk a cat on a leash?

 Yes! It is possible to walk a cat on a leash, despite being unusual. At first, the idea is to make the pet feel accustomed and safe but especially willing to do it. However, unlike dogs, felines don't have to go on daily walks. By nature, they are curious and adventurous, but the need to walk around is a relative question. If you are lucky enough to have a house and a backyard, just open the door and let your cat roam around in nature. The question of the leash would be for people living in urban settings in tiny apartments. 

 If you are wondering how to know if your cat wants to go out, it's simple! If he doesn't deal well with other people and animals, he won't feel comfortable during walks. Now, if he is sociable and shows curiosity to go out, introducing walks into his routine can be a good idea. Please note that our cat collars do not have a D-ring. This is because most of our customers do not walk their cats on a leash and a D-ring on the collar would add unnecessary weight. We also do not make cat collar leashes at the moment. 

 How do you get your cat used to wearing a collar?

 First, you should make the cat familiar with the collar by introducing it. Then, gradually place it around the cat's neck, offering a treat. Repeat this for a few days, always rewarding your feline friend. It is worth mentioning that they are sensitive to touch, so putting the collar all at once is not a good idea since any accessory can bother him. It is relevant to choose a product with a soft material, such as ours, treated with organic beeswax for better comfort. 

 How to know the size of the cat collar?

 To find the ideal collar size for your cat, you can measure the size of his neck using a measuring tape, placing it in the middle of his throat. Then, compare the feline's measurements with those of the accessory. More than the size, you must consider a collar that offers maximum protection and comfort for your pet. 

 What is the best type of collar for a cat?

 In general, it depends on the purpose of the collar. For example, if it's going to be used for walking, a cat harness is most suitable. If it's going to be used frequently for pet identification, a neck collar is more convenient, which you can find by clicking here. You should also select an accessory that provides comfort for your pet, such as Sambboho's cat collars, which are treated with organic beeswax to offer this benefit.

 Having learned the importance of collars in the kittens' lives, what their benefits are, and how they can improve the bond between owners and pets, let's look at some of our favorite designs! Check them out:

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