The main differences between Sambboho's and other beaded products

The main differences between Sambboho's and other beaded products

Sambboho products VS. Mass produced "beaded" items


 Because Sambboho's products are completely different from mass produced beaded items overflowing the market, we have created this article to highlight the main differences.

Sambboho's products are made with premium raw materials. We use the highest grade of un-dyed full grain leather previously treated with organic beeswax to ensure water resistance. Our Slovakian glass beads are imported from Slovakia and are reputed for their durability and long lasting colors that will not fade overtime.  

Our core value is to only produce the highest quality products you can find. This is achieved by sourcing best in class fabrics and using the most experienced artisans.

Sambboho's products are made to last you a lifetime!

Sambboho's products

  • Our glass beads are individually stitched to ensure that if one bead fails, all other remaining beads will not fall off and will remain stitched. 
  • Our beads are from Slovakia. They are made of glass and will not fade overtime. 
  • Our products are made with one entire piece of un-dyed full grain leather to ensure that the leather won't break into two parts or peel.
  • Buckles are made of Stainless steel.

Other mass produced beaded products

  • 4-5 beads are sewn into the leather in a row. If a bead falls or breaks, the entire row will be lost and will eventually fail.
  • Use cheap painted plastic beads.
  • Two pieces of leather are glued and stitched. This technique can cause leather to break or rupture. 
  • Buckles are made of hand-cast brass.
  • Machine made by sweatshop labor
  • Can contain dangerous chemicals and heavy metals in the paint


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