What are unisex accessories? Are sambboho products unisex?

What are unisex accessories? Are sambboho products unisex?

The days when fashion defined separate trends for women and men are over! Society has evolved, and the fashion universe is not taboo anymore, especially for the male audience, who avoid taking care of their visual appearance for fear of affecting their virility. Who has never met a man like that? Fortunately, this is no longer an issue.

Fashion is becoming more gender-neutral every day. Big brands have begun to put their money on more democratic pieces made with people's well-being in mind. It has been a collaborative effort with consumers who want to wear what makes them feel good. Would you describe yourself as this kind of person? 

While barriers have been breaking down, we are getting closer to our true essences. Thus, we can feel more comfortable choosing what to wear based on what represents us. For this reason, unisex products may be the ideal choice for you. Are there still any doubts in your mind? Find out more by reading this article. 

One of the most significant benefits of purchasing unisex products is making your closet more versatile. It allows you to save time and money by simplifying the composition of your outfits. You only need a different approach to assemble combinations you've never imagined! Imagination is the key to creating cool outfits. 

When we talk about accessories, it gets even easier to choose. Without imposing rules or patterns of use, they bring fluidity to different compositions of everyday life, making your closet more eclectic and current. At Sambboho, most of the accessories are unisex, providing countless possibilities for your look! 

If you are unsure which unisex accessories to choose, do not worry! We've compiled some examples below that never go out of style. And the most enjoyable part? You can buy the majority of them here. Check it out and find out which one suits best.

  • HAT
  • The hat is one of the most popular unisex accessories. It conveys personality to any outfit, harmonizing with blazers, dresses, and pants, among other pieces of men's and women's clothing. Just choose the design that best matches your style! At Sambboho, you can find two classic models perfect for all tastes and genres. Click here to find out more!

  • Culturally, bracelets have always been a female accessory. However, men have recently discovered their power to compose a stylish outfit, whether it is more casual or chic. Sambboho bracelets are all made from leather, one of the most durable and versatile materials. The coolest part? There are no gender restrictions. Click here to find out more!

  • Belts are essential unisex accessories that serve both functionally and fashionably. They can mark silhouettes or hold pants, making them an important piece for nearly everyone. Consequently, there are many designs suitable for different body types and styles. At Sambboho, you can find exclusive and beautiful options that brighten up any outfit. Click here and check them out! 

  • In the past, the most robust models were considered masculine, and the most delicate were feminine, but today this is an old-fashioned rule. Nowadays, these formats serve both worlds! The Apple Watch is a well-known unisex model, which allows you to change the bands according to the occasion. Have you ever seen our Apple Watch bands? Click here to check them out and create your own combination!

    This article showed you that unisex accessories are versalite items that make fashion much more accessible for men and women. Because all Sambboho products are unisex, you can order any of our pieces without wondering if they are too feminine or masculine. You will still notice a men and women's section for our belts or wristbands not because of a difference of style but of size. If you see a design in the women's section that you do not see in the men's section, please shoot us an email to sales@sambboho.com, and we will make it in the size you need. Also note that we can make our products in any sizes for all body types.

    Please reach out for a custom sizing request!