What is conscious fashion? Know the basic principles.

What is conscious fashion? Know the basic principles.

In recent times, this topic has come up frequently in the minds of consumers, because people are more concerned with their habits and the environment, amid unbridled consumption caused by globalization. 

The accelerated production of products causes several problems. Just follow the news to see the countless catastrophes caused by pollution, in a world where brands have a single objective: to make you buy more and more! 

Despite being important to the economy, the fashion industry is the second most polluting in the world, second only to oil. Thus, the only way to reduce its impacts is to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle and conscious consumption habits.

In this scenario, conscious fashion appears as an answer, with the objective of reducing the number of pollutants and waste caused by the production processes. But, what are your principles, and how to apply them in your day-to-day life? 

Well, to understand the concept it is necessary to keep in mind that all types of purchases can have a social impact. By purchasing a piece, you will not only be dressing but also contributing to the economy while potentially or not deteriorating the planet and humanity (child labor, human trafficking etc). 

Conscious fashion is based on three basic principles: reduce product consumption, reuse “old” pieces and recycle materials that have already been used. If it was fancy before to have an exaggerated wardrobe, that thought has already changed. 

Instead of launching trends every week, brands should be concerned with using raw materials and durable finishes, making timeless and quality pieces, thus reducing excessive disposal. So how to put conscious fashion into practice? 

Consumers like you have the most power by choosing which brands you will give your money to, ultimately deciding what kind of organizations should stay in business. The first step is to buy from brands with “clean supply chains” like Sambboho. When you purchase a Sambboho product, you reward a company that only use natural materials, refuse animal testing* and promote ethical working conditions (good wages, flexible working hours, work from home with an emphasis on providing a professional activity to women first). *Our pet models are treated like royalty!


Who has never bought a piece of clothing and never wore it once? It is a common practice, which sadly contributes to waste. So before purchasing various products at various stores, think twice whether or not you will actually use them.


Whoever loves fashion certainly goes crazy when new trends are launched. However, fashion trends have an expiration date and constantly change, so focus on key pieces that will not go out of style easily. 

Reconsidering our attitudes is a duty for all people who care about the planet and mankind's well being. 

There are many benefits to adopting a sustainable posture when consuming, both for the environment and your pocket. Please choose sustainable brands with a real purpose (Sambboho!) over unethical companies with a disregard for everything except profits (you know which ones).