What should I wear in fall?

What should I wear in fall?

Summer is over and the wind is getting colder! It’s time to enjoy Autumn, the season of earthy tones when the leaves fall and decorate our path. With a milder climate, we soon thought about taking the coats out of the closet but what style should we adopt?

That is a dilemma many women face when getting dressed, especially because fall is a season between the heat of summer and the cold of winter. That’s why we searched for the trends that are hot in fashion, and we have prepared tips for you to rock this season. Keep reading to find one that fits your style!

Sambboho is the face of all seasons, but Autumn is all about us. That is because it has everything to do with the Boho Chic style, which is part of the essence of the brand. We always believe that beauty goes hand in hand with well-being, and after the pandemic, this issue came up. Nowadays, people prefer to wear comfortable pieces without losing their elegance, which is possible when you make the right combinations. But how to do it?

If you don't know, keep calm because we have four valuable tips for you to stay on top of trends and we bet at least one matches your style. 

1. Use boots to compose your outfit:

Boots are among women's favorite footwear, being a must-have item in the wardrobe. It has options for all tastes, from the most classic to the most daring, promising powerful, comfortable, and practical looks, whether with pants, skirts, or dresses. 

2. Bet on accessories:

Accessories are a good choice for this season when we naturally wear more clothes and cover our bodies. Therefore, bringing attention to some points such as the face, cleavage, and waist can make all the difference, with pieces that stand out even more overcoats, neutral fabrics, and dark tones. Here at Sambboho, we have amazing accessories to compose your looks, like our belts that bring life to your outfit! Click here to check out our exclusive designs with vibrant colors.

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3. Trust the power of the hat:

Hats add personality, boosting any basic outfit. Colored or neutral, it's an iconic accessory that can fit both casual outfits for the day and glamorous versions for the night. Always choose models that in addition to leaving you beautiful, help protect your hair and skin from the actions of UV rays, which continue to act even on the coldest days.

Have you seen Sambboho hats? We have two classic models, which never go out of style, with UV protection and made from 100% wool. Click here to see our available models and fall in love with us.

It's also worth betting on ornaments to add extra charm to your hat, like our hatbands! Click here to view them.

4. Favorite colors for the season in 2021:

The power that colors have over us is no longer a secret. They can positively influence our self-esteem, according to the personality and style we adopt. This autumn-winter season promises a lot of joy, intensity, and life! That's because the colors that were chosen for this year refer to this feeling. Vivid and classic tones merge, creating a very creative and upbeat palette. 

Annually, Pantone discloses, through its official website, the colors that will set the trend for the next season. For this year, the colors chosen were Lavender, Neo Mint (a pastel green), Classic Blue, and Vibrant Yellow. 

In the end, the most important thing is to think that fashion exists to bring us references, not to determine who we are. We have to analyze what best fits our tastes and body, choosing pieces that meet our needs. It is also important to consider their durability and versatility because it avoids excessive consumption and promotes sustainability, such as the products from Sambboho, which can be used in many different ways and are made to last a lifetime!