Why use a dog collar with an AirTag?

Why use a dog collar with an AirTag?

Dog owners are always looking for ways to keep their furry friends safe, and one popular option is a dog collar with an AirTag. AirTags are small tracking devices that can be attached to your dog's collar and used to locate them if they go missing. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about dog collars with AirTags.

Why use a dog collar with AirTag?

The primary reason to use a dog collar with AirTag is to increase the chances of finding your lost pet. If your dog ever wanders off, the AirTag will emit a signal that can be detected by nearby Apple devices in the find my network. This signal can then be used to locate your dog's whereabouts. With 1 billion Apple device, it's very likely that your lost dog will always be within the range of the find my network. Plus, if somebody finds your dog before you and notice the collar with the AirTag, they can tap it with their own iPhone or even an NFC-enabled Android device to contact you if it's put into lost mode.

Another benefit of using a dog collar with AirTag is that it can help prevent your dog from getting lost in the first place. If your dog has a tendency to run off or escape from your yard, the AirTag can give you peace of mind by providing a way to track their movements.

What to look for in a dog collar with AirTag?

When shopping for a dog collar with AirTag, there are a few things to consider. Firstly, you want to make sure the collar is comfortable and fits your dog properly.  Look for collars that are adjustable and made from soft, breathable materials. A poorly fitting collar can cause discomfort and even injury to your dog. Sambboho AirTag collars are made of durable, soft full grain leather treated with organic beeswax for the highest comfort. They are also available in no less than 8 size-variations! For these reasons, Sambboho collars are always the perfect fit. 

Next, consider the durability of the collar. Your dog will be wearing the collar constantly, so you want to make sure it can withstand wear and tear. Look for collars made from high-quality materials that can withstand outdoor activities and exposure to water. Sambboho dog collars were designed with dogs and water in mind, the 1 year warranty gives you peace of mind that you can use these collars for all activities, indoor and outdoor. 

Finally, make sure the AirTag is securely attached to the collar. The Sambboho Airtag collection have built-in pocket for attaching the AirTag which makes it very secure so the AirTag will not fall off during your dog's adventures. 

Top dog collars with AirTag on the market

1. Melrose AirTag Sambboho Dog Collar

The Melrose design is Sambboho's most popular design for girly dogs. It's no wonder why this design was the first one to become available with the AirTag holder version!

2. Saint Barth AirTag Sambboho Dog Collar 

The beautiful shade of turquoise beads on Black leather create a stunning contrast that will always stand out on your dog. 

One last question you might have is if you should buy a dog collar with a GPS subscription instead. It's up to you. A lot of high tech dog collars have recently hit the market with expensive monthly subscriptions. They usually emphasize the fact that AirTags were not designed with dogs in mind and Apple doesn't recommend their use for tracking pets or humans. The truth is that Apple doesn't want to be liable which is why they can't officially endorse their use for pets or humans. In reality, dog collars with AirTag work as well as GPS dog collars but without the expensive monthly subscription. GPS dog collars are also ugly and don't have many cute design options. However if you live in a very very remote area or if you plan on taking your dog for a walk on the moon, we definitely recommend a more advanced GPS tracking dog collar! Otherwise, Sambboho AirTag dog collars should be just fine!