Women's Day: Get to know our women!

women's day

Sambboho is a brand that carries femininity in its essence, driven by the workforce of talented women. Our mission is to provide them the opportunity to tell their stories through art and be recognized. By reading this article, you will see our real contribution! 

All our pieces are handmade by women who live in a small town in Brazil called Araxá. Many of them didn't have job opportunities due to health problems, age, or gender bias and were in vulnerable situations. We decided to give them a voice, providing all the necessary resources to have the autonomy and quality of life they deserve. 

Many women face difficulties in different areas of life, such as the labor market. To change this reality, companies must take a more responsible stance. Therefore, wishing a happy Women's Day is not enough to praise the importance of women. You must contribute to recognizing their values and give them opportunities to make a difference. 

Would you like to make this date count? Choose brands that empower women. That’s what Sambboho is all about. Our entire workforce is made of women. Most of these women have been with us since the beginning, conquering their financial independence doing what they love. Without them, none of our conquests would be possible.

Our team has various skills. In our factory, there are a variety of occupations that take care of everything, from product assembly to shipment. In the comfort of their homes, the artisans weave our designs by hand, using ancestral techniques. Therefore, every piece of Sambboho has fingerprints that carry a story that deserves to be honored.

That's why our brand is so unique and special! When you purchase from us, you support these women to be valued every day of the year for their abilities. Thanks to your support, people like Miss Vicenza can show their talent to the world through art and living with dignity, as it should be. It's a mutual feeling that makes us grow together. 

Check out the video below and get inspired by Vicenza's history, a wonderful person who has worked with Sambboho for many years! She's responsible for the productions of Aztec and Bahamas design, so when you purchase one of them, you'll be getting a piece of Vicenza's essence and helping her write a new chapter of her life. 

We want to thank all women — especially our customers and employees — for so much inspiration! There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise. We admire and respect you very much. Our mission will always be to empower you <3