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Special! | 10% OFF site wide with code SD10 | Free Returns | Free Shipping | Ship From USA
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Sambboho Gift Card
Sambboho Gift Card
Sambboho Gift Card

Sambboho Gift Card

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If you want to gift Sambboho but you are not sure which size or design you should pick, Sambboho gift card might be the best option for you.

Read below attentively about the process before ordering! This will explain how to receive the gift card code and how to gift it.

 The gift card feature allows you to purchase a gift card code with a value amount which can be used as payment towards future orders on the Sambboho website. This gift card code is used in the same way as a discount code.

 Receiving the gift card code

 Once you’ve selected a gift card amount, your method of payment will be charged for the same amount.

Within 24 to 48 hours after you’ve placed your order, you will receive an email containing a link and a gift card code. This code is the one that you will be “gifting”. Make sure that you enter your own email address and your contact information to receive the code!

 How to use the Sambboho gift card code?

 This code must be entered in the discount field at checkout, the same way as a discount code. It can be used as many times as you want until the balance reaches 0. For example, if you’ve purchased a gift card code for $100 and you use it for a $60 order, your purchase will be 100% discounted, you will have nothing to pay for this order and you will still have $40 left to be discounted on your next order. The gift card code counts towards the order amount, as well as shipping and taxes!

 How to gift the Sambboho gift code?

  •  Option 1:

 You will receive the Sambboho gift code to your email address. You can choose how you want to gift the code. You can print the code and give it in person, or you can forward the email to the gift recipient's email address.

  •  Option 2:

 For $7, we can send a physical gift card with the code to the recipient of your choice along with the note of your choice. Place your gift card order as usual (using your personal information), and once you’re done, send an email to sales@sambboho.com . Indicate in your email that you wish to choose option 2 and we will ask you for the shipping address of the recipient and the message you want to include (if any). We will send you a separate payment link to pay for the $7 which includes a physical gift card wrapped in an organza bag, a note and shipping cost.