Cheetah Sambboho dog collar by Gabriel Feitosa
Cheetah Sambboho dog collar by Gabriel Feitosa
Cheetah Sambboho dog collar by Gabriel Feitosa
Cheetah Sambboho dog collar by Gabriel Feitosa
Cheetah Sambboho dog collar by Gabriel Feitosa
Cheetah Sambboho dog collar by Gabriel Feitosa
Cheetah Sambboho dog collar by Gabriel Feitosa
Cheetah Sambboho dog collar by Gabriel Feitosa
Cheetah Sambboho dog collar by Gabriel Feitosa
Cheetah Sambboho dog collar by Gabriel Feitosa

Cheetah Sambboho dog collar by Gabriel Feitosa

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Handmade in Brazil by female artistsFull Grain LeatherScratch ResistantWater Repellent. Free Shipping, 1-year warranty, 30-day returns. Ship from USA. 

Animal print cheetah dog collar designed by Gabriel Feitosa groomer and made by Sambboho.

This cheetah animal print dog collar is a collaboration between Sambboho and celebrity dog groomer Gabriel Feitosa. Gabriel is currently the most sought-after groomer in the world, pioneer of the creative art grooming trend. Creative art grooming consists of turning your pooch into living art, like your favorite cartoon character or animal. Feitosa has amassed millions of followers on social media, won multiple awards and TV shows and is considered the most influential groomer in the industry.  He regularly flies across the globe to groom dog royalties and internationally renowned competitive dogs. Like Sambboho, Gabriel is from Brazil. The pop art groomer only uses Sambboho dog collars to complete his dog’s transformation looks, a true testament to our brand’s commitment for quality and excellence.  After many years of only using Sambboho, free reigns were given to Gabriel to design his own collection under our label. We couldn’t be happier with the results. Feistosa’s animal print dog collars are absolute gorgeous art pieces and they can’t be found anywhere else. Their originality and luxury feel will elevate your dog’s style like you can’t imagine. This collab fuses Sambboho’s ancestral beading quality with Gabriel’s pioneer art vision. Get ready for thousands of compliments on your daily walks!


  • Pliable and un-dyed full grain leather to make the collar ultra soft and cozy to wear. No plastic, No Nylon, No Chemicals or Artificial coloring!
  • Water and outdoor resistance with organic beeswax treatment
  • Handmade stitching method resistant to scratching
  • Sun reflecting glass beads to make your baby shine
  • Unique design that pops out
  • Strong water resistant hardware to avoid rusting and resist pulling

  Our dog collars are luxury master pieces, completely unique and handmade by artisan women in Brazil. The vibrant colors, sun reflecting beads and unique design will make your little baby shine. Our pieces use full grain leather which is the highest rating for leather quality. Because full grain leather has the full, complete grain of the hide, it is the most durable leather and is solely used by luxury brands. This feature makes this collar very flexible and comfortable for your fur baby. Our leather is treated with organic beeswax which makes it suitable for outdoor activities such as hiking and the beach. Please note that our leather is purposely un-dyed and very pliable to provide your little pup with the highest comfort. Each bead is made of unbreakable glass and stitched one by one following the ancient Brazilian tradition of “tear beading” to make the stitching indestructible. This stitching method allows for resistance to scratching so you can be assured that the beads will not fall off. The strong buckles are water resistant, so mud and water playdates are allowed. This association of high-end materials combined with artisanal expertise in the manufacturing process make our collars very long lasting and unique. Please note that your purchase will contribute to the sustainable development and empowerment of artisan women from the community of Araxa in Minas Gerais, Brazil.



Luxury piece handcrafted by artisan women of Minas Gerais in Brazil.
Made of the same high-end quality leather used to make designer’s handbags.
Made of one single leather piece to avoid tearing.
Leather treated with organic beeswax for water resistance.
Strong buckles to resist pulling.
Beach friendly, water and sun resistant.
Made following the tear beads manufacturing process, an ancient tradition that requires manual work to ensure beads resistance and prevention from falling off.
Beads made out of unbreakable glass for long lasting coloring, shine and durability.
Available in all sizes for all kinds of dogs.


A 8-10" is best for necks 8 to 9.5", a 10-12" is best for necks 10 to 11.5" etc. Size up if your dog's neck falls on the highest number of the range ex: if your dog is 14", get the 14-16" instead of the 12-14"!

Exact width measurements 

8-10", 10-12", 12-14"  are 3/4" wide

14-16", 16-18", 18-20" are 1 3/8" wide

20-22", 22-24" are 1.5" wide

Contact if you need a wider width for a smaller collar or vice versa. 



Fair trade

Produced by local community members of Araxá- Minas Gerais in Brazil. Our products promote fair trade principles contributing to sustainable development, made from our community to your home.
Our products empower low income Brazilian women by providing them a professional activity and the ability to work from home. Local women are trained on the beading process, so they are able to work from home and access financial independence to support their families.

Shipping time and manufacturing process

Made in Brazil but ships from the US. Can be delivered as early as 2 business days depending on the shipping method chosen during checkout. This item is in stock and ready to ship. 


We accept returns within 30 days of purchase date. Collar must be returned brand new and unused. See returns policy for details at the bottom menu of the site. This collar is covered by our 1 year warranty. See warranty policy for details at the bottom menu of the site. Contact customer service if you have any questions about returns or warranty prior purchasing. 

Sustainable fashion with a fair-trade mission

Sambboho was founded to empower female artists from the city of Áraxa in Brazil. Thanks to your purchase, our artisans are able to safely work from home so they can take care of the household and be independent financially. In 2020, 44 talented women were able to make a living doing what they love with Sambboho

Sambboho fair trade mission is to empower women. We are a sustainable brand internationally recognized for our work. Our beaded products style is western bohemian chic. Each item is handmade by talented female artists from a small town in Brazil.

Why choose us?

100% Handmade

Sambboho products are not mass produced! Each item is handcrafted by artisans who spend in average 12 hours per item. Sambboho products are the results of years of artisanal expertise and traditional know-how. Handmade with love just for you.

High-end quality

Sambboho pieces are designer’s products. We fuse Brazilian ancient beaded techniques with nature’s best raw elements. The vibrant colors of Sambboho’s beaded products, signature of our brand, are achieved thanks to rare sun reflecting glass beads imported from Slovakia. The leather is always fully grained and treated with organic beeswax. Our products are designed to last you a lifetime. This is "art to wear"!

Internationally recognized

Our artisan's work has been getting international recognition! Our belts were featured in Vogue magazine and our dog collars are popular among celebrities and influencers. Check out our Instagram page to see who!

We got you covered!

We also stand behind our art; your purchase comes with a1-year warranty! Covers abnormal breaking under normal wear and tear conditions.