Saint-Tropez Sambboho Martingale dog collar (Training)
Saint-Tropez Sambboho Martingale dog collar (Training)
Saint-Tropez Sambboho Martingale dog collar (Training)
Saint-Tropez Sambboho Martingale dog collar (Training)
Saint-Tropez Sambboho Martingale dog collar (Training)
Saint-Tropez Sambboho Martingale dog collar (Training)
Saint-Tropez Sambboho Martingale dog collar (Training)
Saint-Tropez Sambboho Martingale dog collar (Training)
Saint-Tropez Sambboho Martingale dog collar (Training)

Saint-Tropez Sambboho Martingale dog collar (Training)

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The Sambboho leather beaded martingale training dog collar is finally here. It’s a handmade artisan piece specifically designed for strong dogs or dogs who are known to skillfully wriggle out of any collar or harness. Even if your dog is trained to walk on a lead, this collar can prevent you to lose control in unexpected moments (ex: A dog that panics at the sight of other dogs). The full grain leather will prevent allergic reactions, perfect for sensitive skin. The heavy-duty hardware is extremely resistant. The welded links and rings are made of stainless steel, they will not fade or rust. The collar is water resistant (leather protected by an organic beeswax coating). The beads will not fall off with one easy scratch! We use a traditional beading technique to make sure the beading is long lasting and we do not use glue! We only use natural and sustainable material, no nylon or plastic of such, as they leak toxic chemicals in your dog’s blood stream over time. We have combined the artisanal beauty of Sambboho dog collars to the practically of a training collar. Each collar is individually crafted by female artists in our workshop in Brazil. You are buying a high fashion designer piece. Sambboho products have been featured in Vogue magazine as a non-paid ad! Our beads are glass beads that do not fade and are imported from Slovakia. Our women’s artisans have fair wages to allow them to provide for the household (see mission of Sambboho). All Sambboho collars come with a 1-year warranty! We accept returns and exchanges within 30 days if returned like new.

  • Prevent dogs from wiggling out of collar
  • Give you full control over your strong dog in unexpected situation
  • Strong heavy-duty hardware that will not break or fade
  • Artisan high fashion piece 100% handmade
  • Colorful patterns made of glass beads from Slovakia
  • Amazing design to make your dog stand out
  • Water and scratch resistant
  • Collar has a D-ring to attach lead and name tag
  • 1 year warranty (see warranty details)
  • Exchange/ returns accepted (see exchange details)


Processing time is 1 to 2 business days. Shipping time depends on the shipping method chosen at checkout. It can be as early as 3 business days. We ship from the US. In the unlikely case your size is sold out, you would still be able to place your order, but the processing time will be 10 business days. If your order is very time sensitive, contact us via live chat now to get a real time ETA. If you live outside the US or if you have an address that doesn’t accept USPS, contact us now.

Returns and warranty

You have 30 days after delivery date to return us back the collar in perfect condition free of charge (except for your return shipping label). Our warranty is 1 year and covers abnormal breaking, or beads falling off. A warranty is not an insurance, chewing, dog fights or collars that went through hell will not be replaced or repaired free of charge.

Sustainable fashion with a fair-trade mission

Sambboho was founded to empower female artists from the city of Áraxa in Brazil. Thanks to your purchase, our artisans are able to safely work from home so they can take care of the household and be independent financially. In 2020, 44 talented women were able to make a living doing what they love with Sambboho

Sambboho fair trade mission is to empower women. We are a sustainable brand internationally recognized for our work. Our beaded products style is western bohemian chic. Each item is handmade by talented female artists from a small town in Brazil.

Why choose us?

100% Handmade

Sambboho products are not mass produced! Each item is handcrafted by artisans who spend in average 12 hours per item. Sambboho products are the results of years of artisanal expertise and traditional know-how. Handmade with love just for you.

High-end quality

Sambboho pieces are designer’s products. We fuse Brazilian ancient beaded techniques with nature’s best raw elements. The vibrant colors of Sambboho’s beaded products, signature of our brand, are achieved thanks to rare sun reflecting glass beads imported from Slovakia. The leather is always fully grained and treated with organic beeswax. Our products are designed to last you a lifetime. This is "art to wear"!

Internationally recognized

Our artisan's work has been getting international recognition! Our belts were featured in Vogue magazine and our dog collars are popular among celebrities and influencers. Check out our Instagram page to see who!

We got you covered!

We also stand behind our art; your purchase comes with a1-year warranty! Covers abnormal breaking under normal wear and tear conditions.