Learn more about rolled dog collars!

Learn more about rolled dog collars!

If you are the type of person who likes to inform yourself before buying any product for your dog, this article is for you. Stay with us to learn everything you need to know about rolled dog collars, a type of accessory that will steal your heart! 


As the name suggests, a rolled collar, also called rope dog collar, is a type of dog accessory made of rolling leather stitching on one side only. Due to its rounded design, it ensures minimum contact with the dog's skin, reducing irritation on the neck and matting of long hair under the collar. 

This dog collar type is one more addition to our current existing lines! Besides the  Regular buckle collars, Quick Release, Martingale, and Center D-ring Collars, the Sambboho rolled leather collars  for dogs look even more stylish and unique since it's the most unconventional model. Each one of our dog collar type meets a specific needs for dog owners, and the rolled collar addresses the needs of long haired dogs!


Yes! The rolled collars are a good option for dogs – principally for long-haired dogs because their design reduces hair tangling around the collar. They are super light, soft, and comfortable for daily use, besides giving your dog a uniquely stylish and elegant look. They are also made for dogs with little to no hair because the rolled edges of the collar and their narrowness make them a good fit for dogs that can’t tolerate any rubbing. 

When made with raw natural materials and high-quality leather, these collars don't harm the dog's skin – such as the ones from Sambboho, which are free of plastic, chemicals, and artificial coloring. Additionally, rolled collars for dogs are timeless pieces and can last for a long time if properly maintained. 

P.S: If your dog is more agitated and tends to pull you during the walk, we recommend the Martingale collars since they can help you with leash training. Click here and read our blog article "How can Martingale collars help train your dog" to learn more about it! Rolled dog collars are more fragile because of their thinness so avoid walking a huge strong dog with them to avoid too much pressure on the collar.


Now that you know that  rolled dog collars can be the ideal accessory for your dog, let's take a look at what things you should consider when purchasing yours: 


  • Typically rolled collars for dogs are made with leather. What differentiates them is the quality of the material. Therefore, choose genuine leather to ensure the piece will last a long time. Besides that, handcrafted leather collars tend to be gentler with a dog's skin because they are chemical-free. Find out the benefits of buying handmade products by clicking here!  Also beware of collars sold under $50 but still branded as genuine leather. It’s simply financially not possible. Sambboho dog collars are made with full grain leather. Cheap dog collars "branded as leather" are either leather imitation or a mix of plastic and leather. Ask for full grain leather! Unfortunately leather imitations are not as durable in the long run which is why we use only full grain leather for Sambboho products. 


  •  Leather is a material that is still prone to wear and tear. When used in moist or too-dry conditions, it can crack if not taken care of properly. When purchasing a rolled leather collar for your pet, bet on a product treated to be waterproof that can withstand any weather condition.

    Sambboho's rolled collars are treated with organic beeswax for water protection, more softness, comfort, and durability. It protects the piece from premature damages and prevents the dog's skin from irritation due to friction. With our rolled leather collars for dogs, you don't need to worry about water damage or outdoorsy activities! 


  • Rolled dog collars are available in various patterns and colors. The right style depends totally on your preferences and the characteristics of your dog. One tip is to choose a design that stands out on your dog's fur. Whatever you choose at Sambboho, your dog will be stylish and elegant with exclusive designs!

    Our rolled collars are handmade in Brazil by women artisans with luxurious glass beads that shine in the sun. They are triple hand-stitched for the highest durability, preventing them from falling apart with use. Also, they come with a safe belt buckle enclosure for a classic look, with a cute leather tag.  Click here and check the entire collection now!


    At this point, you must pay attention when choosing size.  The rolled collar can come off if you pick a larger size. On the other hand, choosing a smaller size could hurt your dog.

    To get the right size, you should measure your dog's neck with a measuring tape – only wrap it around the lower dog's neck and note the final number. We know it's not possible to be accurate in this. There is always a difference of a few inches. That's why we recommended to size up if your dog's neck falls on the highest number of the range – for example: select the 16-18" if your dog's neck is 16". Once you have the measurement, you can use it for comparison with the reference sizing charts on the website.

    Once you get a rolled leather collar for your furry friend, there is no going back! 

    We suggest you only buy the best quality rolled leather dog collars to enjoy all its benefits. 

    We assure you that you will find the perfect pieces at Sambboho, with exclusive design and the best high-quality materials that your dog deserves. Sambboho dog collars come with a 30-day return policy and a 1 year warranty!

    Check out our available designs: 

    Whenever you choose, your pet will look like a fashionista and be ready to serve some looks!