Never deal with China again and do this instead!

Never deal with China again and do this instead!

If you are looking to buy unique products for your store, don’t look further, I will give you the solution in this article so you never have to deal with China again.

A daunting task.....

Most store owners are faced with the difficult task of products sourcing. It may seem easy at first when you first stumble on websites such as Alibaba or AliExpress but you quickly realize that the product quality is not there. Often, the suppliers are not always reliable and the prices are no longer competitive after adding the 20% tariff on Chinese goods. I won’t even mention the ever-increasing international shipping costs.  Finally, people are tired of cheap mass-produced items and are looking for unique handmade products, especially when they are shopping in physical stores. Today's customers are smart, and they will directly buy from China on Temu or AliExpress when they need cheap imports. Since they will not buy from you for these items, your store needs to offer something different in order to stay competitive. Your store will need a unique product offering that can't be found on these online marketplaces or in big box stores. 

A local alterative

 If you are a seasoned store owner, I’m not teaching you anything and you already know this. If you found this article, this tells me you are already looking for artisanal pieces with a soul, and you don’t want to deal with international shipping any more.

If your store is located in the U.S, working with a U.S supplier means your order will ship locally with no tariff, reducing delays and shipping costs.

BUT..... When I mean a U.S supplier, I don’t mean a U.S supplier selling you Chinese imports already imported in the US at a premium price, I mean a U.S business who actually makes the product. 

Sambboho beaded items 

Let me introduce you to Sambboho. Sambboho is a family owned Brazilian-US business specialized in making beaded leather products, a niche and very lucrative market segment. Our leather manufacture has been in business since 1977. 

 We make very high-quality beaded products on full grain leather. All products are handmade by an artisanal cooperative and empower the artisan women of Araxa, a city in Brazil in the state of Minas Gerais. After receiving a lot of immigrants from Italy in the mid 1900’s who brought ancestral knowledge about leather tanning method and practices, this state became a high-end leather manufacturing hub.

After decades of subcontracting for European designer fashion brands, we decided to bring to market our own in-house label. Sambboho was born. Our brand became very successful right at launch thanks to the introduction of our beaded leather dog collars and has been growing in popularity ever since. The demand for beaded items, a very niche market, is very high, yet the offering is limited creating high profitability for this market segment. Our belts were featured in Vogue Magazine.  Very quickly, we started receiving requests to sell wholesale, which is why we created this article. The demand is high because the products are handmade, sustainable (empowering women), very high quality ( 1 year warranty) and really unique. The products are already imported in our San Diego warehouse so you never deal with international shipping. We also allow a good level of customizations, such as custom designs, sizes, custom logos and we can even develop new products just for your store.

A brand for pets and humans? So unique!

 Many stores such as Kemo Sabe are already selling our products very successfully. We only sell to privately owned stores, preferably to brick and mortar. Although all store types can see success with our products, our brand does extremely well in western stores, gift shops, pet shops (dog collars) and clothing stores. We also notice that our demographic is usually horse friendly, which is why we expanded our products line to horse accessories. Our dog collars remain our best sellers because the quality is unmatched since we are the only brand making beaded dog collars on full grain leather and in different options (regular buckle, quick release, martingales and many more). Many celebrities buy from us and post our products on their social media. Our other best-selling products are belts, bracelets and hatbands.

What makes our brand unique is the fact that we are a human and pet fashion label at the same time. The product quality is as good for pets as it is for humans. It’s usually very hard to find pet products made with noble material and not mass produced.  Our customers love to get matching bracelets, hatbands and other human accessories for themselves while enjoying the opportunity to get the same matching design and quality for their dog, cat or horse. This bundling allows many upsell opportunities for your store, increasing your average order value. The high-quality lead to many repeated purchases from loyal customers and usually bring more, especially for the dog collars. If you are the first store in your city with our products, the dog collars will get you a lot of exposure at dog parks and will bring a lot of referrals and foot traffic to your shop.

Getting our products for your store

Our ordering process is very easy and is detailed in this blog article HERE. To keep the product exclusive and to match with our brand image, we have criteria on store aesthetic, location and ownership. We usually like to set up a quick phone call for your first order so we can go into details about the order process, the product history and get to know your store to make sure it’s also a fit for us*. Please note that we provide a very low min order quantity and a very competitive wholesale price so you can match our retail price with no risk of feeling undercut.

*We have store eligibility criteria including location, ownership, years in business and more. However, we recently launched a new business owner program for a limited time, so reach out to us even if you think you may not yet qualify.

Please contact us at the form below or send an email to to start the process.

We can’t wait to partner with you!


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